Carolina-Style Pulled Pork Recipe

Outstanding pulled pork and sauce - from the Williams Sonoma Grill Master Cookbook by Fred Thompson

Consider this a 2-thumbs-up review, rather than a recipe. I have made this 4 times now, always with the Lexington-Style Dip, and it is excellent. Fred Thompson does a great job walking you through the recipe, and I haven't changed it, so I'm just going to link to his recipe here.

A few notes from my experience cooking it:

  • Smaller pieces cook much faster, so be sure to use a thermometer (preferably a cooking alarm like the Thermoworks ChefAlarm). I overcooked some of it on the first try.
  • Fred doesn't provide a "cook to" temperature, but other sites have recommended 190 - 195, and that has worked well for me.
  • I haven't tried his Classic BBQ sauce; the Lexington-Style dip hooked us from the start. We also tried a few other sauces, but always preferred his dip.

From one of our cooks, before shredding it. We used smaller pieces, so our cooking time was much less.


  • Prep:      30 min
  • Smoke:   10 hr (less for smaller cuts)
  • Rest:       30 min

YIELD:   5 servings

LEVEL:  Hard

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This is a great summertime meal.

Leftovers are incredible with eggs for breakfast.