3-2-1 Babyback Ribs Recipe

Really excellent ribs that are well worth the 6 hour cooking time.

Like many backyard BBQ'ers, I have made ribs numerous ways on the grill. This, however, was the first time I have ever made truly excellent ribs. I had a new smoker, was dying to make great ribs, and had a couple of failures until I came across this recipe from Chef Jason Hill. Since then I have made them numerous times, always with great success.

I did not modify his basic cooking technique, so will just link to it here. However, I did change his dry rub recipe, which he got from one of his viewers, by substantially reducing the heat. Here's my preferred take on it:  Brown Sugar Rub. As modified, it is excellent on both pork and salmon.

Also, his basic dry rub recipe (starting with 1/2 cup brown sugar) is enough for about 1 rack. For 2 racks, I doubled it.

If you do not have a smoker, I imagine you could make this recipe on a traditional grill or even an oven, although you'd be missing the smoke flavor. With a gas grill, temperature control would be your main challenge. 

I knew I had a winner when my 2 grown daughters actually got into a real fight about who was going to get the leftovers!

TOTAL TIME: 6 hr 25 min

  • Prep:      20 min
  • Smoke:   6 hr
  • Rest:       5 min

YIELD:   5 - 6 servings

LEVEL:  Medium


  • Consider backing off on the 3 peppers in his dry rub recipe, or use my version of it.

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If you're going to run your smoker for 6 hours, you might as well cook a lot of them!